Mike Khashaiar Kojoori | About
As a child I was given a Kodak camera, and this was my first introduction to photography. My father gave me my first DSLR, when I was in my teens. And inspired by photography, I took photography classes in high-school. In my early twenties, equipped with an advantix point and shoot, I backpacked throughout Europe and landed in the medieval city of Brugge Belgium. I fell in love with the city and its people, and worked as a cook to stick around and explore. Having my fill, after nearly two years of Europe, I returned home. To further satisfy my insatiable curiosity, I studied Philosophy passionately and received my degree in 2010. Not knowing where life would take me, I decided to teach English in South Korea to get my bearings. Armed with a new DSLR, I took the opportunity to make some beautiful photographs and absorb the rich culture. I have returned (home), for the time being. We shall see where the muse will take us. I'm anxious to make more beautiful photos and fill the diary up with experiences. My passion for photography has lead me to make a personal and financial commitment to this this art. I look forward to sharing these moments with you.


Mike Kojoori